Pneumatic fittings Description

Pneumatic Push Fit Connectors is lighter, quick connect and disconnect and more cost saving!

For Push To Connect Fittings Ideal Bell uses Branded new materials, applied with Unique design and 100% test before delivery!

Item Code Tube Size 1(MM) Tube Size 2(MM) Thread
PKD6-4-01 6 4 R 1/8
PKD8-4-02 8 4 R 1/4
PKD8-6-02 8 6 R 1/4
PKD10-8-03 10 8 R 3/8
PKD12-10-04 12 10 R 1/2
Item Code Tube Size 1(MM) Tube Size 2(MM) Thread
PKD6-4-G01 6 4 G 1/8
PKD8-4-G02 8 4 G 1/4
PKD8-6-G02 8 6 G 1/4
PKD10-8-G03 10 8 G 3/8
PKD12-10-G04 12 10 G 1/2
Item Code Tube Size 1(INCH) Tube Size 2(INCH) Thread
PKD1/4-5/32-N01 1/4 5/32 NPT 1/8
PKD5/16-5/32-N02 5/16 5/32 NPT 1/4
PKD5/16-1/4-N02 5/16 1/4 NPT 1/4
PKD3/8-5/16-N03 3/8 5/16 NPT 3/8
PKD1/2-3/8-N04 1/2 3/8 NPT 1/2
pneumatic push to connect fittings
Hose Pipe Connector

ㆍOne-Touch push-to-connect conflguration allows an instant tubing connection.
ㆍSmoth-Edge release sleeve design facilitates a quick tubing disconnection.
ㆍwe can make both Brass or Nickel plated color. Nickel plated ensures anti-contamination properties for an extended product life.
ㆍPre-applied sealant on all external threads eliminates the additional sealing requirement.
ㆍInternal and/or externalflat-to-flat hexagonal con figurations for both metric and inch specifications allow a proper tightening or directional orientation upon installation by using L key or allen wrench for the applicable model types.


Applicable Fluid Type Air, Water(No Drinking Water)
Working Pressure Range -14~150 PSI -0.99~9.9Kgf/m?('-99~990Kpa)
Negative Pressure -29.5 in Hg(-14PSI) -750mmHg(-750Torr)
Working Temperature Range 23~140℉ (Air) 32~104℉ (Water) -5~60℃ (Air) 0~40℃ (Water)
Recommanded Tubings PA11, PA12, PA6, PE, PU,FEP,PFA

About Body Color: You can choose Standard Black or Grey.
About Button/Sleeve Shape: You can choose standard Oval or Round
About Logo: you can choose NO logo, Idealer Logo Or OEM
About Packing: you can choose Standard No Logo Packing, Idealer Logo Packing Or OEM packing.

pneumatic push to connect fittings
pneumatic push to connect fittings